Who We Are

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(MMS)-Ek Atut Nate is a non-profit, non-political and secular organisation. The aims and objectives of MMS are:

To serve as a social and cultural forum for the Marathi speaking community residing in Switzerland and in the neighbouring areas of other countries;
To maintain and promote the Marathi language, culture and literature in Switzerland;
To foster friendship with the Marathi speaking communities living in other countries;
To contribute to the social and cultural life in Switzerland;
To contribute to humanitarian causes.

In fulfilment of the aims and objectives described above, MMS shall:

Organise regular gatherings of Marathi speaking community in Switzerland (minimum 2 per calendar year);
promote social and cultural activities such as exchange of Marathi books and cassettes/DVDs, organising music, dance, theatre, film shows and other performances of local and external Marathi artistes;
Participate in similar activities of other Indian communities in Switzerland;
Celebrate festivals of typically Maharashtrian tradition, preferably by rotation in different regions of Switzerland.

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