AGBM (Annual general body meeting)
Date  : 5th May 2012
Place : Basel
Time  : 11 am to 5 pm
** Food will be organised by Marathi Mandal switzerland for all members who have paid fees for 2011.
Tentative agenda
1.Meet and greet¨
3.GBM starts (presentation of presidents report,secretary s report,treasurer report,election for available posts) 
4.Tea and closing

Picnic near Geneva 
Picnic was on Saturday, 16th June 2012 12 noon  till Sunday 17 th June 2012 12 noon
The organising committee of Marathi Mandal Switzerland invited families and  friends to celebrate the arrival of Summer-2012 with its  “Annual Picnic”. We meet in Kanton Vaud , at  a breathtaking location Villars-sur-Ollon.. 
Our abode for the nightwas very traditional  chalet Le Petit Poucet Villars (1300 meter above sea level) .This magnificant wooden chalet  exuding warmth and the alpine views were welcoming. Equipped with an  indoor  playroom (table-tennis, table football, darts), a salon, a library with a  piano as well as the vast greenery with a football field and basketball court, serve as a perfect setting for entertainment.
Kaksparsh Screening with Stars
Kaksparsh Screening with Mahesh and Sachin
 Screening of the Marathi film “Kaksparsh” (with English sub titles) by Mahesh Manjrekar on Sunday 5th August 2012@ 11:00 am, Museum Rietberg in Zürich (near Bahnhof Enge). This is a brilliant film shot on location in Konkan, Maharashtra and set in the 1930’s. It is an incredible story of love, sacrifice, passion and values. Mahesh Manjrekar (director), Medha Manjrekar (lead actress) and possibly Sachin Khedekar were present for the screening. The film has been selected by the Berlin Film Festival.
Ganesh Festival 2012

The Ganesh Festival of 2012 was of great success attended by almost 90-100 people. Various rituals required for Ganesh Puja were performed. The ganesh stotra and ganesh archana were done. With modak prasad given to all peoplewho attended the function. Then there was delicious food that was served it was a well managed program 
And then to add more flavor to the program renowned Theatre and movie actor Mr Siddarth Jadhav was called he displayed his talent and also gave glimpse of his old and new movies. It was a great day 

Diwali - 2012   

Diwali festival which is a color of joy and lights was celebrated by MMS in Baden with the old people in Regionales Alterszentrum. There was a program of old and new hindi and marathi songs with excellent meals and sweets specially brought from India from Chitale Bandhu. It was a real good day with lots of fun and togetherness.   

15th May 2011 TRIDAL

एप्रिल मध्ये मराठी मंडळ  स्वित्झर्लंडच्या नवीन कार्यकारीणीची निवड झाली. नियुक्तीनंतर लगेचच नवीन कार्यकारिणीने संगीतमय त्रिदल कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन केले.
मंडळाने हा कार्यक्रम १५ मे २०११ ह्या दिवशी स्विस International School (SIS) मध्ये आयोजित केला होता. सुमारे ६० रसिकांनी  ह्या कार्यक्रमाचा आस्वाद घेतला.

त्रिदलची तीन पाने होती सुप्रसिद्ध  मराठी संगीतकार/गायक श्री सलील कुलकर्णी , प्रसिद्ध चित्रपटांसाठी लिखाण करणारे लेखक/कवी श्री स्वानंद किरकिरे आणि प्रसिद्ध अभिनेता/मुलाखतकार  श्री सचिन   खेडेकर. कार्यक्रमात सलील   कुलकर्णीं यांनी स्वतः संगीतबद्ध केलेली गाणी, काही कविता सादर केल्या तर स्वानंद किरकिरे यांनी स्वतःचे अनुभव, त्यांच्या लोकप्रिय गाण्याच्या जन्माच्या कहाण्या रसिकांना सांगितल्या. ह्या दोघांना बोलते करण्याची जबाबदारी सचिन  खेडेकर यांनी घेतली होती.

सलील कुलकर्णी यांनी  सादर केलेल्या अगबाई डगुबाई ह्या गाण्यावर   मुलांनी मस्तच ताल धरला तर दमलेल्या बापाची कहाणी ह्या गाण्यावर सगळेच भावूक झाले.  त्यांनी सादर केलेली हे भलतेच अवघड असते आणि मी मोर्चा नेला नाही हि गाणी सुद्धा तेवढीच रसिकांच्या पसंतीला उतरली. स्वानंद किरकिरे ह्यांनी  सादर केलेल्या ऑल इज वेल आणि बहेती हवा सा था वो हि गाणी सुद्धा सगळ्यांनी उचलून धरली.  सचिन खेडेकर ह्यांनी कार्यक्रमामध्ये काही खूपच  सुंदर कविता सादर केल्या.

Annual Picnic: Gruen -80 , Basel  ,July 3, 2011

Gruen 80  Basel , a former exhibition ground but today a lush green space with a mélange of kiddie play place, a pleasant water front ,mini golf and wilderness was the venue for this years annual picnic.
It was a perfect day for an outing with friends …with almost 50 of us in attendance!!!Loads of sunshine , music of the merry go round set the back drop for initial introductions  followed by a hearty round of games for the young and young at heart .This surely helped work an appetite ! Mouthwatering ‘street food’ like wada pav and chaat kept up with the spirit of the day. A walk through the park to see the humungous dinasour and spot birds was the star attraction. Afternoon siesta near the duck pond with games like charades , housie were very entertaining to all. After  rounds of Chaha ,Biscuit and lots of Guppa the picnic drew to a close.
Ganesh Chaturthi 2011

This year’s Ganesh Chaturthi was quite different than all Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations so far. We had to organize the celebrations in a school facility, which was quite generous with space and facilities. We had organized ourselves to celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi like we would in India. As we had invited two artists, Sau Vandana Gupte and her sister, Sau Rani Verma to present the program “Ti”, a few of us got the hall ready the earlier night. This year we received the Puja Sahitya as donation . On the morning of the celebrations, volunteers and EC members decorated the podium, stage and Ganesh Pujasthan. Our beloved Apte family brought the beautiful Ganesh idol into the hall and everyone accompanied them with much singing and dancing.
The atmosphere was vibrant. This year, the Dhamanaskar family was invited to perform the Ganesh Puja. Of course, during the Puja the children had to be entertained and our young volunteers kept them busy for a good amount of time using indoor and outdoor games. The program “Ti” was hugely entertaining and in spite of a technical hiccup, thanks to our resourceful Secretary, Sau Kirtimalini Gadre’s friends, we got the show running back again. The program touched our hearts as we fondly admired the divine importance of being a lady and seeing her in so many roles. The program left a lasting impression on our hearts.
The lunch at Ganeshotsav is also one of our highlights; this year, Maharani Restaurant did the honors by providing a delicious lunch. We are thankful to all our volunteers, who helped us clean the hall and handover the facilities at the end of the day.
1st May 2010  AGBM and Maharashtra Din celebrations
 We carried out our annual general body meeting. The mood was relaxed as there were no elections of executive committee members. For the first time the participant members relished a delicious vegetarian meal for no cost to them. In addition, the participants enjoyed a concert given by Anand Madgulkar. Shrirang Mirajkar accompanied him on Tabla. The mood was vibrant as EMS2010 was approaching fast.

23rd-25th July 2010 EMS2010 in Swissôtel, Zurich-Oerlikon.

This was a very colourful event and it involved two years of hard work. About 300 delegates from all over Europe participated and a galaxy of about 50 top artists from India performed on the stage. A special Marathi Chef was flown in from Mumbai to prepare delicious, authentic Marathi dishes for the participants. The special guests of honour were the esteemed social workers Prakash and S. Mandakini Amte. Other guests of honour were Shri. Sunil Gavaskar, Shri. Raj Thakre and Shri. Nitin Sardesai. The response from the participants was overwhelming. Programme after programme the barometer of excitation was rising. The participants were all praise of the programme and the Maharashtrian food. The reverberations of the event were felt even after the event in form of innumerable emails full of compliments. It was a very successful event which will leave a lasting imprint on the minds of the participants for years to come.

19th September 2010 Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in Sursee (LU)

We had to overcome an unprecedented difficulty. The hall which was reserved by us in Berne was taken away from us at a short notice. Fortunately we could shift our function to Sursee. This event was in the shadows of EMS2010. About 125 participants attended the festivity. MMS could win a few new members. The highlight of the event was violin played by young Tejas Deshpande. His performance gave inspiration to many other children to come on the stage and perform.

14th November 2010 Diwali get together in Rest. Rajput (France)
25 members of MMS from the French part of Switzerland came together to spend a very enjoyable afternoon in a village in France on the border of Switzerland near Geneva. The food was delicious. A variety of food, both veg and non-veg was served. The atmosphere was jovial, relaxed and pleasant. The distribution of Kalanirnay calendars and Diwali Ank was very much appreciated by the participants. MMS won new members.

21st November 2010 Diwali celebrations in GZ Hirzenbach, Zurich (Participation 60 persons including children)

This year’s Diwali celebration was combined with pre-Christmas party. The members living in the German-speaking part of Switzerland came together in a festive atmosphere and bubbling mood. Our ladies cooked delicious food. As a surprise there was also a non-veg dish. Home made Diwali Faral was imported from Pune, India. Local artists got the stage and once again it was proved that there is no lack of local talent. The children enjoyed performing on the stage. The parents watched their children with admiration. Games were arranged, Diwali Ank and Kalanirnay calendars were distributed. The volunteers were very helpful in setting up the hall decorations and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen and the hall after the fun part was over. It was a very enjoyable event for all the participants.
28.June.2009 Picnic in the German speaking part of Switzerland (Participation: 50 people)

 The place chosen was Sihlwald on the outskirts of Zurich city. This place offers Proximity to nature. The woods offer plenty of shade. Watching the various wild animals is a pleasure to children and adults alike. There is ample parking place. An organized tour of the park was appreciated by all. One could watch wild animals from a close distance. Various games added to the jovial picnic atmosphere. Home made Marathi snacks were served. Warm and sunny weather enhanced the mood of the picnic. EMS 2010 which will be held in Switzerland next year served as a topic of information.

11.July.2009 Picnic in the German speaking part of Switzerland
In Summer 2009 Picnic in French speaking part of Switzerland was located at "Plage de Rolle" a very beautiful, small but decent place. More than 30 attendees gathered together to enjoy the theme of Picnic "Barbeque". We had some experienced barbeque masters, but many were freshmen trying to learn by doing. We soon found out that experience did not matter and everyone was good at it! The side-dishes with the barbeque added to the fun. Everyone enjoyed and the leaving thoughts were to have another picnic soon.

29.August 2009 Ganesh Chaturthee Celebration (Participation: 170 people)
Ganesh Chaturthee was celebrated at Kirchgemeinde Markus in Berne.. A new record of the highest attendance for any function of MMS so far was set. Excellent shuddh Shakahari Bhojan prepared by our ladies was served and it was appreciated by one and all. The celebrations were performed in the traditional way with Ganesh Puja, Aarti and Prasad. 
The highlight of the function was the solo performance, “Dhamal Makya” given by the popular Marathi stage artist Makarand Anaspure. Makarand mesmerized the audience with his film clips and talk moderated by Dr. Ajit Deval. Later on after his performance the audience enjoyed interacting with the artist. Prakash Nerurkar performed a wonderful magic session in other room which kept the children busy during Makarand’s show. After the programme delicious Indian snacks were served along with tea and coffee. MMS received unprecedented popularity by the article published in Marathi newspaper Loksatta which was written by Unmesh Deodhar. This also served as an opportunity to share the news of European Marathi Sammelan which will be held in Switzerland in July, 2010, with Marathi folks in India.

5th September 2009 “Nacht der Museum“ (Night of the Museums) in Zurich
For this prestigious event in the cultural life of the city of Zurich a rare honour went to a Marathi artist. Shrikant Deshpande, a veteran concert artist from Pune was invited by Rietberg Museum Zurich as „star guest“. Shrikant presented a bouquet of traditional compositions in 5 compact sessions. The concert hall was fully packed with local audience for all the 5 sessions. Shrikant presented Mini-Khyals, Thumris and Marathi Bhajans. He was accompanied on Harmonium by Prabhakar Pandav from Pune and on Tabla by Shrirang Mirajkar (MMS member).

6th September 2009 Indian Classical Vocal Music Concert 2009 in Hausen bei Brugg (AG) 
Shrikant Deshpande, the veteran concert artist from Pune, gave a rich concert of Indian Classical Music in Hausen bei Brugg (AG) and enchanted a private audience of about 35 persons for 2 hours with his melodious voice. He was accompanied on Harmonium by Prabhakar Pandav from Pune and on Tabla by Shrirang Mirajkar (MMS member). Shrikant rendered traditional Ragas, Thumris and Marathi Bhajans to the delight of the music lovers. The concert was hosted by MMS members Vijay and Hema Joshi in their private villa. Many members of MMS as also other guests took advantage of this beautiful opportunity. After the concert the hosts served a delicious Indian meal and variety of snacks.
19th September 2009 Indian Classical Violin Concert in the villa of family Joshi
Atulkumar Upadhye, the veteran violin concert artist from Pune, gave a violin concert of Indian Classical Music in Hausen bei Brugg (AG). Atulkumar gave a full concert of 3 hours. He presented traditional Ragas and light classical music in the form of Marathi Natya Sangeet and Marathi Bhajans. He was accompanied on Tabla by Mukesh Jadhav, an equally versatile and popular concert artist from Pune. Lovers of music were drowned in the beautiful music played by Atul. After the concert the hosts served a delicious Indian meal.

31st October, 2009 Diwali celebrations in tezet, Oerlikon, Zurich 
The members living in the German-speaking part of Switzerland came together in a festive and jolly atmosphere to celebrate Diwali.
The motto was unique, 'Ladies relax, Men work'. It was heartening to see our ladies who work hard during all our programmes just sit, relax, chat, make friends and spend time with their little ones. Ladies brought along with them delicious homemade Diwali-Faral. One MMS lady member cooked a simple but mouth watering light meal. A great number of male volunteers came forward to work and make our ladies feel comfortable and relaxed. The volunteers worked hard in shifts right from setting up the hall until cleaning the kitchen and disposing the trash. They served the ladies with a welcome glass of wine, Diwali Faral, hot tea, chocolates, soft drinks and the light meal. The highlight of the programme was the screening of the Marathi film, „Mee Shivajee Raje Bhosle bolato aahe“.
28.June 2008 Picnic in China Garden, Zurich
The weather was warm and sunny. The place was quiet, pleasant and easily accessible by public transport. Excellent home made food was served. Thanks to our hardworking ladies we could enjoy Kokam Sarbat, Kolhapuri Misal, Gajar Halwa, Masala tea and cakes. Some 33 persons attended the picnic. The mood was cheerful. MMS won new members. For an overnight stay whereby all the members from German and French speaking part can come together a very favourable response was registered. Hosting of EMS 2010 in Switzerland was discussed and the response of the members was positive.
13.July 2008 Get-together at La Praille, Carouge, Geneva
 Bowling event at La Praille was a substitute event to the open air picnic because of bad weather. The food court in La Praille offered a choice of various cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Afghani and Lebanese. The mood was friendly and cheerful. Some 30 persons attended. Praful Kulkarni was the lone representative of German part of Switzerland. His presence was much appreciated by all. MMS won new members. For an overnight stay whereby all the members from German and French speaking part can come together a very favourable response was registered. Hosting of EMS 2010 in Switzerland was discussed and the response of the members was positive.

19. July 2008 Violin Concert at Rietberg Museum, Zurich 
Under the umbrella of Indian Association Zurich the violin concert was arranged by MMS. The versatile artists were Atul Upadhye (violin) and Mukesh Jadhav (Tabla). Those who attended enjoyed the concert. The attendance could have been better. Unfortunately it was holiday time. Excellent Indian food prepared by a MMS member family was served. It was hard work.

13.September 2008 Ganesh Chaturthee Celebration
Ganesh Chaturthee was celebrated at Kirchgemeinde Markus in Berne. About 140 persons attended. This was a record of the highest attendance so far for any function of MMS. Excellent home made vegetarian food was served. The food was prepared by our ladies and it was appreciated by one and all. The celebrations were performed in the traditional way with Ganesh Puja, Aarti and Prasad. A good news was conveyed to our members during this auspicious event. Switzerland was approached in Paris with a request to host EMS 2010 and just prior to this event MMS received the confirmation.
A feast of music followed. The versatile musicians were Shruti Sadolikar (vocal), Mangesh Mule (Tabla) and Anant Joshi (Harmonium). It was an extraordinary musical performance and the artist received a standing ovation from our members. After the concert delicious Indian snacks were served along with tea and coffee.

16.November.2008 Diwali Celebration for SWISS German part
The Diwali Celebration for the German speaking side took place in Community Hall, Hirzenbach, Zurich. About 40 persons including children attended the function. Diwali Faral and other delicious snacks were served along with tea and coffee. Free copies of Kalanirnay calendars were distributed. Diwali Ank were distributed. The mood was cheerful and members utilized this opportunity to meet friends one last time at the end of this year. New members who had recently joined MMS took this opportunity to make new acquaintances. An open appeal was sent to all the members to support EMS2010 actively. MMS won some new members at this function.

29.November.2008 Diwali Celebration for the Swiss French part
The Diwali Celebration for the Swiss French side took place in Restaurant Madhura, Meyrin Geneva. Around 35 people including children attended the function. Apart from the residents of Geneva, families from Lausanne, Vevey and Visp took part in the celebration. Lunch comprised of a mouth-watering Indian buffet including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It was followed by people (adults as well as children) demonstrating their singing skills. Both Hindi and Marathi songs were rendered and enjoyed by all. MMS should be proud of having such wonderful local talent. The ambiance was friendly with newcomers mixing freely with the others. Diwali Faral and Kalanirnay calendars were distributed on this occasion. MMS won some new members at this function. The function ended with the rendering of Ae Mere Wantan Ke Logon as a Shraddhanjali to the victims of the Mumbai terrorist attacks. .For all those who attended it was Indeed one of the most memorable functions of MMS.
25. March 2007 Gudhi Padwa celebration! Nutan Varshabhinandan
 Beginning of Marathi New Year was marked by the Dance event presented by Mrs.Manjiri Karulkar & Ms. Kathja Daniela. The duo unfolded cultural aspects, complimenting one-another’s style of classical dancing – the well known Hindu style Katthak & the Uzbek style. Excellent lunch followed the dance event. Another highlight was the show of a newly released Marathi Film. 
28. April 2007 Annual General Body Meeting
The General Body assessed the annual progress of MMS; accepted the audited accounts, gave discharge to the working executive committee and elected a new Executive Committee according to the constitution.
30. June 2007 Picnic in the German speaking part of Switzerland
The location of Irchel was deliberately chosen; where the idea of Marathi Mandal Switzerland was born. Meeting old & new friends seemed a refreshing experience. Delicious food energized the people for sports activities. No sooner than our Cricket match begun, alongside local Football players stopped their game, and preferred to be spectators of the Cricket match.
15. July 2007 Picnic in the French speaking part of Switzerland
The location of a lake-side garden in Neuchãtel was selected for this event. The landscape & scenery lured the people very much that they forgot to play Cricket. Some 15 mouth watering recipes contributed a very tasteful lunch. People relaxed in the afternoon, preferred to spend time with each other and /or at the bank of the lake.Late afternoon/evening was marked by Housie play and belated Birthday Celebration for an elderly and well-known personality - Shri.M.D.Sant
22. September 2007 Ganesh Chaturthy Celebration in Berne
The most popular celebration of the year – The Ganesh Chaturthy Celebration 2007 attracted the highest number of Marathi speaking people from all over Switzerland in any function of MMS so far. Ganesh Pooja was followed by delicious Shudhha Shakahari Bhojan prepared by the member families.
The versatile and inimitable Shri. Dilip Prabhawalkar presented his solo appearance “Mukhawate aani Chehere” with specially mixed clippings of a few from many of his great rolls in Hindi films. Sou. Neela Prabhawalkar was also present. Shri. Prabhawalkar gave an excellent performance and received an overwhelming response from the attendees with a long lasting applaud as well as standing ovation which Shri Dilip Prabhavalkar certainly deserved.
21. October 2007 Felicitation of Dr. Raghunath A. Mashelkar FRS
Dr. R. A. Mashelkar FRS; the prominent Scientist of India; and one of the very few Idols on the Scientific horizon of India, who has enlightened, inspired numerous people in India and around the globe by honoring chair positions of many Scientific alliances, councils, academies, research organizations etc. visited Switzerland to give a Presidential lecture in the ETH University of Zurich. This honor which is given to only one highly honorable person every year. It was never given to an Indian national before.
Marathi Mandal Switzerland felicitated Dr. Mashelkar with an Apéro in Zurich. The President of ETH Alumni also attended this event.
Dr. Mashelkar expressed that it was a wonderful way to celebrate Dassera 2007 by meeting Marathi people of Switzerland. People asked questions which Dr. Mashelkar answered with insightful & inspiring messages. One of those was “Marathi should become Language of Knowledge i.e. Dyanabhasha; though it may need some adaptations.”

11. March 2006 EGBM of Marathi Mandal in Berne
The constitution drafted by the senior, experienced members of Marathi-Swiss community was discussed, finalized & accepted by all the participants present at the meeting. All the participants paid their annual fees as laid down in the constitution. Elections were carried out and the members of the ad-hoc committee were unanimously elected in the “Executive Committee” in accordance with the provisions of the constitution for a period of one year.
It was decided unanimously to “Register” the newly formed Marathi Mandal Switzerland in the books pf Chamber of Commerce, Zurich. A senior, experienced active member was entrusted with the job of registration.
26. July 2006 Release of new website

An important platform for information exchange was launched.
2. September 2006 Ganesh Chaturthi celebration
Due to overwhelming response for volunteering Shri Ganesh Pooja, finally Mrs. & Mr. Shirsekar was the couple selected through a draw. The day’s highlight was the charming presence of Shri. Prashant Damale & Shri. Sudhir Gadgil. These two stalwarts mesmerized the whole audience. Nearly 100 people attended the function. Not to forget the delicious Vegetarian Lunch & specially arranged entertainment program for the children.
17. October 2006 Registration of Marathi Mandal Switzerland

The association got registered with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The official document of registration mentions the date of 11.03.2006 for the validity of the constitution of Marathi Mandal Switzerland.
29. October 2006  Diwali celebration

This ‘festival of lights’ was celebrated by enlightening the hidden talent within our own people & children; simultaneously the ‘Faral’ was equally enjoyed. 70 people attended this event.
12. June 2005 IRCHEL Picnic

Some newly arrived young Marathi speaking people in Zurich organized an enjoyable picnic on the premises of the University of Irchel. Senior Marathi speaking people from the German part of Switzerland contributed wholeheartedly to this effort.On the greens of IRCHEL the idea of forming Marathi Mandal encompassing all Marathi speaking community in Switzerland was born.
12. November 2005 Meeting in Hirzenbach, Zurich

About 60 Marathi speaking people from all parts of Switzerland, some of them living in Switzerland for 15, 20, 30 or more years, attended this meeting with the resolve to form a Marathi Mandal in Switzerland in the true spirit of the idea expressed on 12th June.2005 at Irchel.
All the participants agreed to become members of the Marathi Mandal and this meeting was declared as an Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting.
An ad-hoc committee was formed unanimously and four (4) senior, experienced Marathi persons present at the meeting were entrusted with the task of making a draft of a constitution to form the base of Marathi Mandal. The “constitution committee” was given a dead line of 15 January 2006 to complete their work and it included two members of the ad-hoc committee.
26. November 2005 Dhamal Marathi Gani in Sursee

Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan from London who has given more than 500 concerts in Europe and USA charmed the audience by giving a dazzling concert. His orchestra consisted of prominent musicians from India who regularly accompany Asha Bhosle and other high-class musicians in India.
This concert was first ever of its kind for Marathi songs in Switzerland.
9. December 2005 Constitution of Marathi Mandal Switzerland
“Constitution Committee” handed over the draft of the constitution of Marathi Mandal Switzerland to the ad-hoc committee well before the dead line. Some eleven (11) revisions of the constitution-draft were made before handing over the final draft.