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Dr. Saleel Kulkarni (सलील कुलकर्णी)

Dr. Saleel Kulkarni (Marathi: सलील कुलकर्णी) is a renowned Marathi music composer, singer and author from Maharashtra, India. His musical journey started at the age of 3 years, when he performed on All India Radio, Pune. Thereafter, he took his musical lessons from Pt. Gangadharbuva Pimpalkhare, Jaymalabai Shiledar and Pramod Marathe. He is a graduate in medicine; but his passion about music overridden his career in medicine. And today he has created a successful career in music for himself.
His columns "Musically Yours" in Marathi newspaper Loksatta are also popular. His Baalgeete (children songs/poems) are specially popular amongst Marathi people. They include "Aggobai Dhaggobai", "Illu Illu Pillu ga". His musical career includes composing for films, albums, stage shows, dramas, events, TV serial titles, social initiatives and advertisements. Saleel has written his maiden book ‘लपवलेल्या काचा’ based on his fortnightly column in Marathi daily Loksatta. The book received exceptional reception from Marathi readers all over the world and stayed in best-seller list for many weeks. He is also anchoring the weekly show ‘मधली सुट्टी’ on popular Marathi channel Zee Marathi.

As music Director
Ek Unad Divas (Marathi) 
Jana Gana Mana (Film)
Jameen (Marathi)
Champion (Marathi)
Ata Kashyala Udyachi Baat (Marathi) 
Dhaage Dore (Marathi)
Chodo Kal Ki batein (Hindi)
Nishani Dava Angatha (Marathi) 
Vitthal Vitthal (Marathi)
Pangira (Marathi)
Chintoo (Marathi) 
Chintoo 2 (Marathi)

Famous Albums of Saleel